Wednesday, 28 May 2008

So pleased with myself!

Well I have managed to figure out how to post on my blog, add pictures and create links to other blog's today. So overall I would say I am pretty darn pleased with myself!

I am sure there are still things that I will discover along the way, and I am in no doubt that I will become as addicted to blogging as I am to card making, but it's exciting.

Hope you've all had a lovely day, if anyone would like to say hi to a newbie blogger it would be lovely to hear from you!

Vicky x


Debsg said...

Great start to your blog, it's looking fab. Deb x

Janet said...

Told you it was a piece of cake lol!X

Vicky said...

just popping a note on here to say hi...i love your blog! im fairly new to blogging too....started last month. please feel free to visit! i shall have to add you to my list of blogs i like to visit :) xx

Crafty Wanderings said...

Well done Vicky! It looks great! I have added you to my ever-growing list of blogs1
Have fun
Ruth (ooffee) x

katy said...

welcome to the addictive world of blogging vicky! Will add you to mine.

Saz said...

hi, just popping on to say hi, great start to your blog, if your any thing like me you will find yourself updating this more than you make cards, although i seem to have found a balance between the two now,i am also fairly new to card making aswell as blogging so join the club. feel free to pop onto my blog.
sara x

Vicki said...

Hiya Vicky, got your pm via do-crafts. Way to go, well done for setting up your blog, it's FAB and I really don't think you need any 'hints or tips' you seem to be finding your way around great. All that's left for me to say is WELCOME TO BLOGLAND hehehe!!! you will soon become addicted, but it's brill and you will meet some lovely, lovely peeps along the way. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have been. Will pop by again sooooon, have fun, happy blogging xx vicki xx

Cathy said...

Welcome to blogging - it is as addictive as card making so be warned!!
Your blog is looking great.