Wednesday, 16 December 2009


...for being a bad blogger. I don't really have anything to show you at the minute due to a combination of lack of mojo and no light for me to take pictures. I just don't seem to have the time or energy to get in my craft rom at the minute. All my christmas cards are made and sent and I don't have any birthday's until the end of January so I can take a bit of a break. There is still so much for me to do, I still haven't finished my shopping and have got all the wrapping to do! And after a hard day at work I don't tend to get much done on an evening!

I know we are all in the same boat at this time of year so I hope you will be patient with me. I promise to still try and get by to see what you've all been up to!

Take care my friends.

Hugs, Vicky ~x~


Stacey said...

Oh, you poor thing! I think everyone is struggling at the moment. There are just not enough hours in the day and the total darkness doesn't help either does it?!

Have you got any time off over Christmas? Perhaps you can regain your mojo then.

Hope you are feeling better soon my lovely! ~♥~

katy said...

Hellooooo Vicky, thank you so much sweetie for my gorgeous card ! I've lost my little book with your addy in could you send me your ad again love ? Take care, Katy x

Sarah B said...

Hi Honey, Hope you have a lovely Christmas and feel better soon, Take Care Hugs Sarah B X