Monday, 26 January 2009

I've been tagged..

by Sandra. Thanks San!

The rules of this tag are;
1: pick the 6th folder, and select the 6th piccy
2: post the piccy and an explaination on your blog about the piccy
3: select 6 others to do the same and let them know

This is my younger brother and his fiancee who get married this august. It was taken the other year at my older brothers wedding. A lovely looking couple I think!!

So the people who I am passing this on to are:
  1. Jules
  2. Diane
  3. Sarah
  4. Sally
  5. Stacey
  6. Michelle
I'm looking forward to seeing your pics!

Hugs, Vicky x

1 comment:

Pink Sunshine said...

Thanks Vicky,
All piccied up now.
Sally. x