Saturday, 6 November 2010

Preoccupied at present!

Just wanted to pop on here and say sorry I haven't been around much over the last week. I've been really busy at work and then to top off a bad week my husband to be has re ruptured his achilles tendon. He is back in a plaster cast and on crutches as he is non weight bearing on his affected leg. I have to take him back to the hospital on monday for a scan and I think this time he will need surgery. So as you can appreciate I've got my hands full at the moment as I'm having to help him with everything so it doesn't leave me with much time for crafting or blogging. I hope to find some time to be back soon (after all I need to keep myself sane!!)

Enjoy your weekend.

Hugs, Vicky ~x~


Becki said...

Hope everything goes ok with the scan, sending big hugs xxx

craftyb said...

Ouch....I had recently had acute tendonitis myself and that was bad enough....can't imagine the pain he is in! Good luck for the scan...maybe you should give him a wee bell Vicky in case he needs you to fetch him something!!!!!! LOL For a joke my Mum sent me over a bell last time I was laid up with the flu so I could "summon" Colin from downstairs...we had QUITE the laugh about that! bx

debby4000 said...

hope all goes well for Hubby scan, sending hugs.

Sue said...

Ooooh, that sounds painful. I hope the scan goes well and things calm down for you very soon.x