Sunday, 28 September 2008

I've been tagged..

... by Sally and Sarah. Thank you both.

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Seven Facts about me!!!

  1. I have recently moved house and bought my first home with my wonderful boyfriend
  2. I am addicted to shoes and handbags (like most women!)
  3. My favourite food is italian, closely followed by Indian (well most food really!)
  4. I am a member of weight watchers and have lost 22.5 lbs in the last 16 weeks, still want to lose another stone, but have gone from a size 16 to currently a size 12/14. My final aim being a size 10/12
  5. I am double jointed in my shoulders and can dislocate my shoulder blades!
  6. I am doing a Masters degree in community nursing practice at Huddersfield University as well as working part time as a community staff nurse
  7. I love going to exotic places on holiday, my favourite destination is the Maldives. Everytime we go I hope my boyfriend will drop down on one knee and produce a big diamond (but he never does!).
The seven people I would like to tag are:

I love to visit all of these blogs, they are a great source of inspiration to me!

Vicky x


Rach said...

thanks for the tag Vicky, will try and get round to posting it hun..(i actually have been tagged but still:(
hugs to you. Rachxxx

Sandra said...

Hi Vicky,well should i thank you for,only joking,will put it up on my blog and see what i can come up with,
Sandra x

Tara said...

Thanks for tagging me Vicky, I've got my thinking cap on!! xxx

Bev said...

Just seen this now hunny, have been up to my eyeballs in reogranisiing my craft room. I'll try and get round to putting it on my blog as soon as I've caught up.

hugs Bev xx