Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Wonderful Wedding!

Afternoon all!

Just a quick post today as I ahve snuck onto my mum's computer. I will be home tomorrow hopefully with some pics to uplaod.

Well what a wonderful and beautiful day we had yesterday. Although at one point I though we might actually miss the ceremony. We were stuck in traffic on the A1 due to an accident and a journey that should have taken 45 minutes ending up taking 2 hours. We checked into the hotel and I had 20 minutes to get ready! Luckily I had already done my hair and I managed to put most of my makeup on in the car whilst we were stood still on the A1!! Lol!

There had been so much rain in the morning, but the ceremony started at 2.30 and then we went to a local stately home for photographs and the sunshine was out in full force! Someone must have been looking over us because as soon as we got back for the reception it started bucketing it down again. It was a beautiful wedding, plenty of tears , especially during the speeches.

I am staying at my mums until tomorrow. There are about 25 of us going out to our favourite curry house tonight and then my brother and his new wife head off to the Maldives for 2 weeks! Lucky them!

I love spending time with the family and it's been such a special weekend so far!

Hope you're all having a lovely BH weekend and I'll be back tomorrow with some pics to show you!

Hugs, Vicky ~X~

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craftyb said...

Good to hear it all went so well Vicky...enjoy the rest of your family time...and that curry tonight...sounds yum! bx