Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Two new awards... Thank you!

I have been given a few awards over the past few days. The first is from my wonderful blogging friend Janny. Her blog and designs are just so inspirational, so if you haven't visited yet please pop over and say hello!

I now have to pass this award on to people who I think deserve it. I am sending it to people who have been very supportive of my blog and have became my blogging friends.

Thank you so much ladies for your support and comments over the past year ladies they have all meant so much to me.

The second award is from the wonderful Claire. Claire is quite new to blogging but she creates the most gorgeous cards, please pop over and take a look!

the rules of this award are that I must thank the person who sent it to me, tell you 7 honest things about myself and pass this award on, so here we go................. 7 honest things about me.......
  1. I am a complete craftaholic and need to spend at least an hour a day in my craft room, oterwise I get withdrawal sypmtoms! Lol!
  2. I have recently lost 3 stone by going to weight watchers
  3. I have a crush on peter andre.... not cool I know but I think he is so sweet!
  4. I am obsessed with buying bags, it used to be radley, but lately I have a nica obsession!
  5. I am a chocoholic and have to have chocolate in some form every day {which makes the 3 stone weight loss a bit of a miracle!!}!
  6. I got engaged this march in Kenya on my 3oth birthday! My boyfirned is my world and I cannot wait to become his wife!
  7. I am a bit of a beauty junkie and I love Molton Brown, L'Occitane & Liz Earle products!
I would like to pass this award onto a few of my blogging buddies across the pond who are the best and always leave me the sweetest messages.


Claudia Rose

Well that's it from me this morning, best get off to work now, I will be back later with card though! Have a good day!

Hugs, Vicky -x-


Avril Ann said...

Wow Vicky, congratulations on the award, the weight loss, the engagement....so many acheivements, makes spending time in your craft room all worthwhile me thinks...I too am a choco/crafty hollic...Hugs Avril xx

Cheryl Joshua said...

Congrats on your awards and your engagement.....and in Kenya,what a special day that would have been!!! A fabulous job on your weight loss,well done!
Hugs xx

Sandra said...

Hi Vicky...congrats on your lovely awards...thank you so much for passing one onto me,it's so kind of you to think about me :0)
San x

Claudia Rosa said...

aaah.. so sorry hun.
i was late today with my posting.
iam watching a bunch of kids for 2 weeks and iam honestly struggeling at the time with my blog and domestic stuff. :-)
i will upload it tomorrow soooory

scrappyjan said...

Oh Vicki, Thank you so much for the award!! You are just so sweet!! Big hugs to you ...... Congrats on your engagement and losing weight.
thanks again for thinking of me.

Tara said...

Thank you so much hun, it's a lovely surprise to receive the awards and thank you for considering me to be a friend...... and of course likewise, lol! xx

Michelle said...

I apologise for the delay but wanted to say a big thank you for my awards, they are fab, thank you and so appreciated xx